A Letter to our Grantees re: COVID-19

We are writing to you in the midst of a global health crisis that is evolving rapidly – not just by the day, but by the hour. Wellspring Philanthropic Fund has been closely monitoring the fast-evolving developments of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and thinking about how it is affecting the critical work that you do.

We know that all of you are grappling with how best to respond to news updates, and mitigate its spread, amidst many unknowns and concerns about the impact on your work and the health and safety of your staff and the communities you serve.

In the interest of public health, Wellspring is taking prudent steps to protect the wellbeing of our grantee partners, our staff, visitors to Wellspring, participants in convenings, and the communities in which we are located ‑‑‑ while continuing our important work.

We want to emphasize the following:

  • We are here to help. Wellspring is flexible and open to hearing about your challenges due to this health crisis and wants to support you given that the impact and effects of COVID-19 are likely to intensify/increase.
  • Reach out to us and let us know what you need. If COVID-19 is affecting your work or your organization ‑‑‑ including but not limited to your ability to fulfill grant agreements, to work remotely, to travel, to conduct your work ‑‑‑ please contact your program officer. We can talk through any needs or challenges you may have to provide the necessary support for your organization.
  • Wellspring’s work is continuing without interruption. In accordance with CDC and NYC guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, all Wellspring staff are working remotely for the next few weeks. This will not interrupt grant payments or work with grantees. We will hold all meetings and convenings virtually.
  • Additional resources and guidance. You can find, here, additional information (helpful links, guidance for staff, etc.) which we will update as new information becomes available.

We are all experiencing a great deal of uncertainty, stress and fear from this pandemic, and we are mindful of the extraordinary challenges that it will pose to the most vulnerable among us  – beyond the direct public health threat –  from lost wages and curtailment of vital services to intensified social stresses and irrational fear and intolerance.

This is a time when solidarity matters and when our health is strengthened by our humanity. Our best tools during this time are compassion, common sense and goodwill.

Take care of yourselves and those around you.

John Taylor, President, and the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund Staff